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My name is Christopher Fronzak, I am 26 years old and I currently reside in Orlando, Florida. I started my very first business at the age of 8 selling lightly used golfballs. I would package them in egg cartons and sort them by condition and brand, selling them door to door in upscale communities that I knew contained golfers. At age 10 I had started my own lawncare business. I would show up to houses in my neighborhood with overgrown lawns and park all of my equipment in their front yard. The convenience of the situation ensured that I never got turned down. By the time I was 12 years old I was hustling mass quantities of bubblegum to my entire school. I wasn’t making insane amounts of money, but the values that I learned have been instilled in me for my entire life. At the age of 14 I started my band Attila and at the same time I began experimenting with several different “normal” jobs ranging from bagging groceries to cleaning dishes at restaurants. I hated the fact that I could work hard while my coworkers slacked off but we all got paid the same amount. I knew that I would never be satisfied with a a normal life, so I quickly dove back into entrepreneurship all while pursuing my passion for music with Attila.
I currently own several business, some of which include my clothing line Stay Sick, my record Label Stay Sick Recordings, and my mobile app Spur to name a few. I believe that anything is possible and there are no limits to what you can achieve as a human. I have reached my own personal nirvana which is why I created this website as an opportunity to give back and help others that are in a similar position that I was once in. I am no different than any of you. I wasn’t born with a special hidden talent and I’ve NEVER had any handouts in life. Anybody can do what I’ve done. Do you want to work for yourself? Maybe you want to start a band or a clothing line or even a business completely opposite to mine? Well I’m here to help. Let me accelerate your path to success! Subscribe to my website today and lets begin.

Stop looking at failure as a bad thing. Failure is one of the best things that could happen to you because everytime you fail, you become better and smarter. Failure is how humans learn.


Why would I pay for your phone number when it's just going to leak as soon as the website is out?
It doesn’t matter if my phone number leaks because ONLY people who are saved in my contacts can reach me. The only way to be in my contacts is to subscribe. It is impossible to text/call me unless you are subscribed. I won’t even see your text or call unless you are subscribed.

So can I subscribe and then unsubscribe and still keep your number?
No, as soon as you unsubscribe, you will immediately be removed from my contacts. Only people saved in my contacts can reach my phone.

Will you randomly call/FaceTime me?
Definitely! I am here to help you, and some issues are better solved over a call or FaceTime session. I made this website for you!

Why should I subscribe to your website?
You should subscribe because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to hire me as your very own personal mentor. If this opportunity would have been available to me when I was younger, I would have progressed a lot faster and saved a lot of trouble along the way. I want to help you think like an entrepreneur.

Why is it $50 a month?
$50 is a very reasonable price considering what you’re getting. You aren’t just getting access to blogs and videos, you’re also getting a direct line of contact to reach me on my personal cell phone. Everyone has individual needs, so besides offering general advice, I am also offering you PERSONALIZED advice and guidance suited to your needs!

I texted you and you haven’t texted back yet, wtf?!?
Please be patient, I am not ignoring your text, it just takes me a little bit of time to get back to everyone. I typically respond between the hours of 8am EST and noon EST.

What if I don’t care about learning and I only want your phone number?
This is fine too, I will still be happy to text you and send you random selfies.

Can I unsubscribe?
Ofcourse you can! Please be aware that you will not be able to contact me after the subscription is cancelled, and you will no longer have access to my website.


"Fronz motivated me to pursue my dreams. The following day after my class with him, I went out and bought all of the necessary components to build my own studio. He gave me the confidence to make my dream a reality."
- Sanniyah

"Fronz taught me how to manage my money properly. He also taught me how to be myself and embrace my individuality. Fronz taught me life lessons that will stick with me forever."
- Thomas Cervi

"Fronz helped me to realize my true goals in life. Before I spoke with him, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Now I have plans to open my very own restaurant. Everything I learned from him will be applied to my future."
- Claudia Cook

"Fronz is a very organized individual. He explained everything very clearly to me and all of my questionswere fully answered."
- Tyra Reeder